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- Fixed an issue where players were unable to enter or exit vehicles in GTA Race.
- Fixed an issue where scripted vehicles were causing games to unexpectedly crash.
- Improved reliability and frequency of PS3 online leaderboard updates.
- Fixed a rare hang some players encountered when moving from a Race or GTA Race lobby into gameplay.
- Fixed a hang that would occur when players were switching teams during the countdown in the lobby.
- Fixed an issue where players were able to get ridiculously high scores from Cops 'n Crooks matches.
- Changed GTA Race and Race so that the last player remaining always receives a reward of $250.
- Fixed an issue where spectating players would prevent the game from finishing.
- Fixed an issue where players were unable to spectate in Round 2 of Cops 'n Crooks games.
- Changed countdown timer in lobby so that it no longer resets when new players join a game.
- Changed the kick option so that kicked players are no longer brought back to single player.
- Added the ability to date Kate McReary after the Deal storyline ending.
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