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Последняя пачка информации перед завтрашним стартом первой фазу беты 2.1
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All of this is beta folks!
Loot and Crafting works in ED via upgrades to modules via collecting resources in space and taking them to Engineers.
Each Engineer has their own back-story, location and criteria which they wish potential visitors to fulfil. For example, an Engineer may invite you if you've travelled/explored a lot.
Resources - can be salvaged from destroyed ships, found at settlements, mined, located at beacons in space. Materials have context in where their found and what their used for.
Some resources are goods which aren't usually found on markets.
Resources can be awarded from missions - some are only awarded from missions.
New video - this is in beta remember. Dweller Engineer base found. Ship lands on surface, directed by traffic control. Domes on the surface. Eventually we get to the landing pad. Ship lowers into hangar (station is called Black Hide).
New option - Engineers workshop. Power Distributor requested. Engineers works and various stats are shown and then altered for stuff like power, etc. Ship then leaves the base.
"Don't want to use the gambling word." (yes, FD do read the forums!!)
There is an amount of chance in the upgrade process. Randomness isn't as random as people think, its somewhat controlled.
FD have already made some changes regarding Engineer RNG.
Engineer bases all look unique.
Players can see what they're going to get (within ranges) before asking the Engineer to work on a module.
Engineers invite you.
Once at a base, you can upgrade your modules or browse all upgrades this engineer can perform.
Loads of upgrade options for modules - eg Power Distributor. Video coming real soon on YouTube.
Upgrade options are graded, 1 to 5.
Oooh, there's a shielded power distributor upgrade!
Animation for Special Chance is gone from beta video
Potential uupgrades for Burst Laser include longer range.
Concorant Sequence - new special mod which increases shield strength (like regeneration laser) at the cost of additional heat.
Upgrades have side effects for stuff like power draw.
Date for Beta incoming!
Engineers won't directly hate other Engineers.
Some Engineers will be harder to meet. These engineers will offer the more sexy mods.
No engineers mods for shields. Yet.
With Ice Mining comes RES in Ice Rings!
Ship manoeuvrability can be changed via Engineers.
Engineers offer outfitting services.
Beta - Phase 1 at start will allow access to some things like Engineers. Phase 2 is called Mayhem - and will allow everyone access to everything - every weapon, every ship, every special effect. FD want to test special cases internally. So many combinations to test.
Video shown for Torpedo weapon. Weapons fired at T9. New mod called Mass Lock, prevents targeted vessel from jumping into Hyperspace. Less useful against smaller ships.
Torpedoes are getting slower. But, a LOT more powerful. And a few other changes too (missiles too).
Ram-scans are fixed for 2.1
Non-weapon upgrades include increased jump range; reduced power usages; mods for sensors.
Engineers can provide upgrades for power plant modules as well.
Retribution laser can stack with Thermal Shock.
New upgrade shown, called Shift Lock Canister - an mine which will restart your FSD, preventing a hyperspace jump. Video shows how - Clipper drops mine into T9 and engines go offline for T9! (and perhaps the Clipper too).
Engineers equipment is as reliable as standard mods unless effected by upgrade process.
You can't be totally locked out of an Engineer base unless you shoot at their base.
Engineer locations (for those you have invites for) are shown on galaxy map.
Weapons module upgrades can be viewed on target ship (but not the exact upgrade that ship possesses.).
Ship Insurance - once module is upgraded, its covered by insurance rebuy.
NPC can use upgraded modules but quite rarely.
NPC AI bugs killed (like spinning ships)
No module storage for 2.1. Its probably coming at some point.
Ship transportation, module storage - falling under same umbrella. On FD's to-do list.
Shield Cell Banks can be modified. Spin up time, heat etc can be altered.
All module upgrades are legal in all systems. For now.
If you attempt to land at an Engineer base without invite, you'll be shot at. With big guns. Controlled by Engineers who know how to upgrade those big guns.
System Authority NPCs can use modules upgraded by Engineers.
Landing without shields without hull damage - this can be done in 2.1.
Silent building changes - if in silent running, firing weapons will increase heat within your ship and potentially make your ship visible on enemy sensors.
Heat sink ammo reduced somewhat.
Phasing Sequence effect video. Shoots through shields and transfers heat and damage to target hull (I think). Doesn't damage modules.
Currently 54 engineer recipes with 5 tiers available.
Missile changes - damage shields increased. Guidance systems improved. Splash damage to hull and modules within blast radius. Drives, weapons etc are vulnerable. Some internal mods might be hit thanks to mods to missiles.
Beta is Coming! This Thursday!! No ETA for exact time.
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