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Может никому уже и не надо, но думаю надо добваить в шапку, для тех, кто хочет поиграть онлайн и не знает как.

С официального форума стим:
Information about Command & Conquer: Online
Greetings Commanders !

If you want to play online and cannot do that by getting an error "Couldn't log in to the back end server",
its because the Gamespy service that hosted the online servers have gone down

To play your C&C games online, you now need to create an account on: http://revora.net
All the information about the new C&C: Online servers and stuff is right here: http://cnc-online.net/
There you will find all the information needed to login and play the game.
Note if you are going to play via the steam versions of the games make sure to hook them first !!!

If you do encounter problems and cannot login to the servers. Try looking for answers on http://revora.net .
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